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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dr appointments today- did I miss anything?

Well today was two Dr appointments in preparation for my upcoming surgery. The first one was with my usual GP doc to make sure certain I was well enough for the 2nd doc to be cutting on me. I had blood work an EKG that the doc called "perfectly normal" and 107/70 blood pressure. I got 2 scripts renewed and a go-ahead for the surgery.

Doctor appointment number 2 was in SLC, with the surgeon that will be working on me. He basically went over the procedure and explained what I should expect both during and after my operation.

Afterwards, since it was such a beautiful day, the BSU and I went go-karting at Boondocks. Its one of those all inclusive birthday party places with karts and laseer tag, miniature golf and a huge game room. We just stayed for one go-kart race and passed on the mini-golf even though today was the perfect day to be there since the kids were still in school and we practically had the place to ourselves.

This evening I ofund found the exact matching paint for the Suzuki at Autozone and while I was there, I bought sandpaper and a tack cloth and some spot putty in preparation for the paint job. I also spent an hour sanding the tail section tonight and its 2/3 done. I've got to sand through the clear coat to remove the pinstripes but most of the surface just needs scuff sanding in readiness for the new paint.

So its been a busy day! Now its nearly bedtime.

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